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Jul. 19th, 2017 03:31 pm
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The time has come to find new homes for some of the vintage fountain pens in my collection.

These are all great pens, but the truth is I have a fair number of great pens and these are ones that simply aren't making it into my rotation. I'd rather someone else get some enjoyment out of them!

All prices include shipping within the continental USA. Elsewhere, please inquire--I will probably have to charge you shipping at cost. I accept payment via Paypal.

If interested, either leave a comment or email me (yoon at yoonhalee dot com).

From left to right:

1. Wahl-Eversharp Doric in Kashmir (a sort of dark swirly marbled green). Lever filler. The great thing about this pen is that it has a #3 adjustable nib. It goes from Fine to Broad on the flexiest setting. The only reason I'm letting this go is that I have a Wahl-Eversharp Doric in black with a #7 adjustable nib, and I honestly don't need two adjustable Dorics.

Please note that the #3 Doric is a petite pen--unless you have very small hands, you will probably want to use this posted.

Price: $225. SOLD

NOTE: [personal profile] troisroyaumes gets first call on this one. If she doesn't want it, then someone else can have it!

2. Waterman Lady Patricia that I bought from Mauricio Aguilar of Vintage Fountain Pens. He graded it a superflex, and it's a pleasurable and absolutely reliable writer; I've always had great experiences with the pens I've bought from Mauricio. Lever filler. Again, this is a lovely pen that I simply don't use--in this case because I'm busy using a different pen that I bought from Mauricio, a Waterman 52V (for which Jedao's Patterner 52 was named :p). Like the #3 Doric, this is a petite pen, and probably best used posted unless you have very small hands.

This is a handsome pen with green and brown swirls, and I love looking at it, but I really prefer for all my pens to be working pens that get used. Maybe you can have fun with it!

Price: $410.

3. Conklin Crescent Filler--the crescent filling mechanism is not that different from lever filling and is very simple to use, and really neat if you love geeking out about different filling mechanisms. This is a wet noodle that does hairlines, if you're into flex writing or copperplate; I probably wouldn't recommend it for sketching because of the fineness of the nib, but it would make a great fountain pen for non-sketch-speed line art.

Price: $320.

4. Osmia 34 in gray candy. This is a very flexy nib that goes from Fine to Broad, and unusually, it's in a piston filler. Please note that the material is discolored along about half the barrel (ambering)--this doesn't affect the pen's functionality, although if you care more about aesthetics this is not the pen for you. This nib has an almost painterly feel to it that is very pleasurable for writing.

Price: $240.

5. The last two are a Sheaffer Balance in Marine Green, fountain pen and mechanical pencil set. The fountain pen is a lever filler and has a flex nib; I'm not sure what width graphite the pencil takes, although it comes loaded with one. The set is very handsome; please note that the fountain pen has a chip near the lever. This doesn't affect function but may be an aesthetic concern.

Price: $210.

NOTE: [personal profile] troisroyaumes gets first call on this one. If she doesn't want it, then someone else can have it! (She decided to get the Wahl-Eversharp Doric instead, so this pen and pencil set is available!)

Chicks Dig Gaming

Jul. 19th, 2017 12:25 pm
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Chicks Dig Gaming, ed. Jennifer Brozek, Robert Smith? [this appears to be part of the author name, as it's listed with the interrogation point in multiple places], and Lars Pearson is one of the books I picked up at Pandemonium Books & Games in Boston. It's an absolutely delightful collection of essays about gaming by women, ranging the gamut from board games to video games to one anthropologist non-gamer who decided to play Portal to study the phenomenon of gaming and explore her reasons for not being a gamer. :p

A few of the essays didn't speak to me personally, but that's fine--for example, there was one about adventure games through the lens of the Monkey Island games, which I did play, but I didn't imprint on the genre. It's not that it was a bad essay, but rather that it was a type of gaming experience I just wasn't as interested in. And that's fine; for some other reader that could be entirely their thing.

Here's a rundown:

cut for length )

To sum up: highly recommended.


Jul. 17th, 2017 09:46 pm
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You guys, among many many other works, Ninefox Gambit is listed as one of the inspirations for Paizo's forthcoming RPG Starfinder! Tons of other authors and media there too.

I'm also chuffed to see I'm not the only one who has found Jack L. Chalker inspirational for sf purposes (although in my case it was Soul Rider and one that's not mentioned in the list, Rings of the Master).

My husband has preordered Starfinder but does this mean I now have to fight him over the hardcopy? LOL.

la! sewing hopes

Jul. 16th, 2017 10:12 pm
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I have just ordered Gillian Conahan's The Hero's Closet: Sewing for Cosplay and Costuming [Amazon] and am looking forward to it. :D Conahan is the editor-in-chief of Vogue Patterns (!).

A couple reasons:
- I have toyed with the idea of getting into cosplay but need to learn to sew.
- I would love to learn to do basic sewing things and maybe work up to fancier sewing things. Like, it would be great to be able to shorten pants legs on my own, or shorten sleeves! That would expand my wardrobe options tremendously. (I know tailors do this stuff, but we are too disorganized to get to the tailor.) Not-so-secretly I want to be able to make slightly fancier outfits for dancing in or cosplay, BUT I know that would be a long way away and I should start with easy basic stuff, like pillowcases. =)

One of the book's reviews indicates that it's good for beginners and talking you through pattern alterations. I might try to swing a beginning sewing class eventually, but first I'm going to try Youtube and check this book.

I have also ordered a couple of Japanese pattern books for menswear and unisex (is that still the preferred term?) military jackets. I have a military surplus military jacket that I love dearly, but for half the year in Baton Rouge it is too damn hot to wear comfortably. I crave a military-jacket-alike done in very lightweight fabric that I can wear most of the rest of the year. But I will have to learn to read and alter patterns for this, so this is more in the nature of motivational hoarding.

Also, if I learned to sew cosplay outfits, I could deck out family members and pose them and take photos of them for art photo reference purposes. =D

Right now the big obstacle is that my sewing machine, which I had only played with a little, was one of the flood casualties. I was not really happy with the bobbin-loading whatever, which seemed to come out really lopsided no matter how I did it, so I might go with a different model this time.

So the subgoal to that is to scrape up the money for a sewing machine. I think a budget of $300 will probably get me a machine that is both friendly to beginners and capable enough to last me as I *knock wood* learn to use it and grow more skilled. (This is based on casually Googling for "best sewing machine for beginners 2017.")

Probably the fastest way of raising the money is selling off the stash of older BPAL LE bottles that my mother-in-law uncovered [1] and also trying to sell off some of my spare fountain pens. Is anyone here in the market for vintage fountain pens? FPN Classifieds or asking a seller I have bought from before for an appraisal is probably the likelier bet...? Let's be real, I have a number of lovely vintage pens that are just not making it into the rotation, e.g. a Waterman Lady Patricia with a superflex nib and a wet noodle Sheaffer Balance and another wet noodle Conklin Crescent and a wet noodle Wahl-Eversharp Doric with #3 adjustable nib, are you sensing a theme? [2] Since they're on the somewhat spendy end, the appraisal might be best, but if anyone here has been in the market for a wet noodle/superflex fountain pen, THIS COULD BE YOUR CHANCE.

[1] I don't have a list right now; I'm recovering from a migraine (yay Excedrin) and I made Joe take the perfumes into another room because something in there (the cinnamon AT MINIMUM) was setting off the migraine like whoa.

[2] I have basically settled into my Waterman 52V and Wahl-Eversharp Doric #7 adjustable nib as the two wet noodle pens that will do me for the rest of my life. The rest have become kind of redundant.
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PREAMBLE: I had a conversation with someone at Readercon whom I'm not going to name to save them the embarrassment. They will undoubtedly recognize themselves if they stop by. You're not a bad person, but you're human and you messed up, and I need to explain why and maybe reduce the odds of something like this happening to me again. Please don't ~FEELINGS~ at me here, even if you're tempted to; I don't need or want an apology; just go think about it in your own space, with your own people.

So. I was chatting with someone who knew of my writing but whom I did not know personally (we were meeting for the first time in any venue), and as the topic meandered, they asked me if they could ask me a personal question.

Fine, I said. (How bad could it be?)

They asked me about living in Louisiana, and whether my marriage to my husband Joe was considered valid.

Well, I said, Louisiana doesn't do gay marriage. [EDIT: 0] However, I haven't transitioned legally (or physically) [1]. On all my legal documentation I'm a woman. So as far as the state of Louisiana is concerned, my marriage to Joe is a marriage between a man and a woman, and I'm legally in the clear. (Please refrain from telling me about how terrible this situation is. Rest assured that I'm in Louisiana, I'm not stupid, I have my own thoughts.)

[0] Huh--it was banned the last time I looked it up several years ago, but the ban apparently has since been struck down. So I said this in error; on the other hand, I would personally have serious reservations about visibly going around as half of a m/m couple in my daily life.

[1] I have reasons for this that are none of your business, and I will not be discussing them here.

Point the first, before I recount more of this conversation. I feel rather strongly that asking a complete stranger about the validity of their marriage is something that you should refrain from doing, even if you have taken the precaution of asking if you can ask a personal question. I answered the question, but I was honestly kind of taken aback and I was in "I must show my public face as an author interacting politely with a reader" mode. The blunter version is that the question was rude.

Anyway, my interlocutor blurted out (in response to my explanation about being listed as a woman on all my legal documentation), "They just MISGENDER YOU???" (with about that emphasis).

Let me explain to you why this form of performative pearl-clutching is deeply unhelpful. The misgendering is a consequence of decisions I have made about my own life. As y'all have figured out, I live in Louisiana; I'm in a more or less conservative part of the country. In addition to choosing not to pursue legal or physical transition, part of not attempting to present as male in my daily life in Baton Rouge (besides the fact that I can't reliably pass, absent transition) involves my calculations regarding personal safety.

Again: I made this choice because it's my life and I have to live it. There are a lot of complicated factors involved that I do not feel the need to explain to the world at large. Who the hell are you, a complete stranger, to judge my life choices? Because that's what that was. Judgment.

What happened next was that my interlocutor was extremely performatively upset "on my behalf" to the point that I had to spend the next ten minutes calming them down and reassuring them that I was all right. This was exhausting for me. Look, I live this shit every day, and I have coping mechanisms, but it's deeply unhelpful to have to come up with extra coping for a complete stranger. If you find the whole situation viscerally horrible or whatever, fine, but that's your damage, not mine; I have my own. Deal with your damage on your own time. For my part, I can't sit here clutching my pearls about my own life situation 24/7 or I'd be paralyzed to the point of uselessness.

Dear reader, next time you're tempted to open your mouth and ask a complete stranger about the status of their marriage, or force them to perform emotional labor reassuring you about the details of their own life, maybe consider shutting your mouth, going away, and working through whatever issues you have on your own time. You're not evil; but you're not helping, either.

Readercon bookspoils

Jul. 16th, 2017 06:22 pm
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*shifty eyes*

From Pandemonium Books & Games:
- Chicks Dig Games, ed. Jennifer Brozek, Robert Smith?, and Lars Pearson. I'm only a little way into this but really enjoying it, and looking forward to passing it on to my daughter (a girl gamer!) to read.
- Kingdom by Ben Robbins. This is "a role playing game about communities," recommended to me by [personal profile] maga ages ago. I'm glad to have a chance to pick it up in hardcopy (I prefer hardcopy for games).

- David Weber's The Shadow of Saganami (recommended by [personal profile] davidgillon [1])

[1] I ordinarily do not take book recommendations UNLESS I ask for them. I asked David for a specific reason. Please no book recs; it's not you, it's me.

- Seth Dickinson's The Traitor Baru Cormorant, which he gave to me since he was toting around a copy and was pondering giving it away, and I said, "Give it to me! The ARC you gave me drowned in last year's flood." So he did. =D I love this book so much, and I'm excited for the sequel, parts of which I've read in draft.
- C.J Cherryh's The Faded Sun trilogy, the three-volume SFBC hardcovers with the not very good cover art. I love this trilogy and my omnibus with the lovely Michael Whelan cover art (originally from Kutath, I believe) drowned. This was in the "free books" area at Readercon--some astonishingly good stuff got dropped off there, although of course it got picked over within minutes. I decided this was enough of a lucky find and then took it and ran rather than being greedy and looking for more. ^_^
- William Barton's Dark Sky Legion, which I grabbed last-minute from the free table because, although it looked like no one else wanted it, flipping open to a random page suggested that it might have SURPRISE CLONES. =D Also, it has a cover that honestly looks like...look. The smoldering (figuratively, not literally! with sf/f you have to specify XD) white man appears to be buck-naked, is holding a bunch of wires or something that conveniently, along with some smoke, conceal his crotch area, and also he is ripped. =D I mean, this book could be COMPLETELY TERRIBLE, but who knows? It might live down to its cover in wonderfully cracktastic ways! Especially if there are SURPRISE CLONES!

And then I fell prey to the used books available for sale in the Bookshop at Readercon--mainly because a lot of these I am not sure are even available as ebooks and if they're cheap, why not? (We're going to need another bookcase though...)

- David Feintuch's Fisherman's Hope. I've read the Seafort Saga before; this is vol. 4, my favorite one, and later this week I should probably talk about why.
- Cordwainer Smith's Norstrilia. I pounced on this when I spotted it--I had previously owned but not actually yet read a copy of this novel, and then flood. So this time I'm going to read it, dammit.
- Walter Jon Williams' The Praxis, The Sundering, and Conventions of War, first three books of the Dread Empire's Fall space opera series. I have read something short by Williams somewhere and remember being intrigued, so I figure this might be worth a try? Joe might like it?
- Steve Jackson's Sorcery! Book Four, Crown of Kings. =D =D =D I used to own this in hardcopy and flood, so being able to replace it = A++.

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Jul. 11th, 2017 10:14 pm
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Thanks to [personal profile] kate_nepveu for the link: The Indies' Guide to Game Making [PC Gamer].

Reading this was fascinating but mostly emphasized to me that I don't actually enjoy the programming side of games! As most of you already know, I fled the comp sci major and majored in math instead because it was easier and I'm a suck debugger. XD

Things that I think would be fun to learn how to do: writing for games (besides IF, I've really only done Winterstrike, which was commissioned by Failbetter Games to use their StoryNexus engine), composing for games (have never done).

In real life, I suspect these would be massively time-consuming, with constraints and learning curves of their own, and writing novels is already, like, a job I have. I'm actually quite interested in composing in general, but I need to upgrade my computer and fiddle more with the music software I have before I can pursue that further. Also, pursuing composing as a hobby means that I can write whatever the hell I want (and what I want to write is mostly neoclassical orchestral music) as opposed to worrying about what other people are interested in!

Fun project for if I ever have free time (AH HA HA HA HA): branching-narrative web-based/hyperlinked gamebook with a soundtrack. Filler art would be great (I'm talking the kind of interior line-art that you'd have in a Fighting Fantasy gamebook) but in real life I am actually not good enough at art to take on something like that, and I don't have the $$$ to commission that much of it. It's fun to fantasize about, though. :]


Jul. 9th, 2017 09:57 pm
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This was partly to let off steam after the move (and some other stressful stuff in the past couple weeks) and partly to experiment with a different digital art workflow...I have to go back to working on an online course art assignment but that's probably not happening until next week because Readercon.

As an experiment, I illustrated an upcoming NPC in [community profile] hexarchate_rpg (Nirai Remi) from a photo reference I purchased. I have zero art imagination and can never think of things TO draw, which is why I am in the land of hexarchate Tarot forever. This was done in Clip Studio EX and I know I have a long way to go, but I learned some thing from the process. Also, sheesh, in future I'm going to save up to upgrade Rebelle and use that for fake watercolors instead, as I think it probably has a better watercolor simulation engine. Rebelle is light enough that, like Clip Studio, it'll run on my poor little Macbook Air; I don't think this thing will get along with Painter or Procreate or whatever they're calling it these days.

For the curious:
- gridded pose in blue
- laid down flat values (I used about five of them)
- rendered in grayscale using the flats as a basis
- flipped horizontally (which I should have done more often) to correct errors in gridding/rendering
- messed with details that I'd changed from the reference (things like hairstyle, expression, etc.)
- colorized base colors using a color layer on top
- colorized lighting using a second color layer on top of that
- adjusted lighting layer until the lighting gave atmosphere without overwhelming local colors
- merged layers and tweaked some more, including the splatter on the moth using a splatter brush

I am frankly embarrassed to tell you how many hours I spent on this; I am not fast. But I'm still learning and it was fun? Anyway, after this I go back to foundations...
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Fountain Pens and Other Luxuries

[Note: This makes more sense if you know that the original draft's Jedao was a sociopath. Well, more of a sociopath. In the colloquial sense, not the clinical sense.]

[Also note: I am not affiliated with Lamy, Nakaya, or Goulet Pens.]

"Why fountains?" Jedao said. "I know I'm stupid at math and only slightly less stupid at tech that's unrelated to killing people, but I don't see a fountain anywhere in this 'pen.'" He shook the Lamy 2000 [Goulet Pens] to see if it rattled. "Can you hide ammo in it?"

Cheris snatched the Lamy away from him before he broke it. "It's for writing with," she said. "Like a stylus, except with ink."

Jedao checked his fingers for ink stains. He was wearing the usual fingerless gloves. "Do you use ink from bottles, or do you have to grind it fresh each time?" He reached for the pen again, but Cheris held it out of reach. "Which end do you write with?"

Sighing, Cheris uncapped the pen so he could see.

"That doesn't look anything like a calligraphy brush," was Jedao's fascinated comment.

"I've seen your calligraphy," Cheris said. "It's almost worse than Nirai handwriting. And the business end is called a nib."

"It's pointy," Jedao said. "Is it made of gold, though? If it's going to be any good for stabbing people in the eye, you should use a harder metal."

"You are hopeless," Cheris said.

She was about to recap it when Jedao said, "May I try?"

This was a bad idea, but--"Don't press down as you write or you're paying for a new one."

"Yes, about that," Jedao said. "Somewhere out there is a bank account with four centuries of compound interest in it. If you'd just let me hack Kel Command--"

"No," Cheris said firmly.

He appropriated Cheris's notebook, then wrote out the first paragraph of the Kel military code. Not only did he hold the pen correctly, his handwriting was impeccable.

"Why do you still feel the need to lie to me about everything?" Cheris demanded. "Does it fulfill some deep-seated emotional need?" Which might explain his relationship with Kujen, come to that.

Jedao blinked. "Sorry, reflex. We had a whole seminar on how to murder people with writing implements. Very entertaining."

"And you wonder why I never let you out of my sight."

"Killing isn't evil," Jedao said, "it's killing the wrong people that's evil."

"Fine," Cheris said, "but who gets to choose who's 'the wrong people'?"

"You worry too much about minutiae."

"Jedao, the 'minutiae' are called ethics."

Jedao looked blank. "Never heard of it. I'm pretty sure Shuos Academy didn't teach it."

This was entirely unsurprising. "I need to have a word with Mikodez," Cheris said.

Jedao capped the pen and handed it back to her. "You do realize that Shuos-zho isn't responsible for an education that I received four centuries ago?"

"He's a Shuos," Cheris said.

"I don't know why you're being so narrow-minded about us."

"Jedao," Cheris said, "the only reason you stopped being an amoral, backstabbing assassin for the Shuos and went on to become an amoral, backstabbing general for the Kel is that generals get to kill more people."

"I can stab people from the front, you know," Jedao protested. "They're just as dead either way."

Cheris facepalmed. "You are so missing the point."

"Do you want me to shoot them? Poison them? I mean, make up your mind, I'll do it."

Cheris eyed him. "Were you like this before Shuos Academy, too?"

"Now you're just being mean." Jedao started to pace. "Kel Command confiscated all my personal belongings, you know. I bet all my assassination gear is moldering away in some museum."

"Are you seriously trying to guilt me into taking you shopping?" Cheris said. The sad thing was, she couldn't even pawn off the role of crazy general caretaker on someone else. "What, do you need spare gloves?" As though anyone in the hexarchate sold fingerless gloves. He'd have to custom order them.

Jedao's eyelashes lowered. "I thought I could use a pen," he said innocently. "Do they come in Ferrari red?"

At least he wasn't asking for a Ferrari. He was probably a reckless driver. "There's a red Lamy Safari [Goulet Pens]," Cheris said. She rationalized that he could already slaughter people with his bare hands--or, goodness knew, by talking at them long enough--and she was morbidly curious as to whether, even now, he had a supplier for poisoned ink.

"Something fancier than a Safari," Jedao said. "Maybe one of those custom high-end lacquerwork jobs with the gold sprinkles [Nakaya Pens]. I feel I owe Shuos-zho a gift."

"I can't believe you're trying to assassinate Mikodez so obviously," Cheris said. "You know he'll probably destroy any package from you without opening it."

"Who said anything about assassination?" Jedao said in annoyance. "I hacked one of his intelligence divisions' expense accounts. Since you won't let me get my money from Kel Command, I'm going to spend Shuos-zho's on ridiculous pricey baubles until he returns my account to me."

"This has got to be the stupidest plan ever," Cheris said. "You're hitting a Shuos bureaucrat in the budget? How many kinds of suicidal are you?"

"You mean I shouldn't have bought him that luxury moon resort?" Jedao said. "Masseurs and horseback riding and mock battles and five-star dining and everything."

Cheris was already checking the perimeter for Shuos assassins.

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Jul. 6th, 2017 03:46 pm
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Just a note, my internet went down
I have mobile but posting from it is tough. I'm not ignoring you--if something urgent comes up, please flag it as such and I will try to get back to you when I can.


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